Specialist Fasteners offer a range of high performance, lightweight hydro-pneumatic handtools for breakstem rivets and lockbolts. The fasteners and tools combine to provide a fastening system suitable for numerous assembly applications in manufacturing, maintenance and repair work.

Breakstem Fasteners

Specialist Fasteners Breakstem fasteners are generally blind rivet type fasteners providing a wide range of features to suit a huge variety of applications.


How they work:

The fastener is installed by the rivet tool gripping and pulling the end of the mandrel/stem. As the stem is pulled by a rivet tool, the blind portion of the rivet expands radially and pulls the application material firmly together. When the material clamping is completed, the end of the stem fractures at the breaker groove and is discarded, leaving the head of the stem in the fastener body.

Lockbolt Fasteners

Specialist Fasteners Lockbolts are bolt-type fasteners for more demanding structural applications. They are two piece assemblies consisting of a pin and collar, providing a high strength, vibration resistant fastening solution with high, controlled clamp and fast installation. Access is required to both sides of the joint and installation is achieved by swaging the collar onto the locking grooves of the pin.


How they work:

The lockbolt is inserted into the prepared hole and the collar placed on the lockbolt. The tool then pulls on the tail of the bolt, drawing the sheets together and forming the collar into the locking grooves. After the collar is completely formed onto the bolt, the tool continues to pull until the tail of the bolt is tensioned off.


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