Huck Blind Fasteners

Huck’s pre-assembled, one-piece blind fasteners are ideal when access from only one side of the joint material is available. The blind fastener is placed in a pre-drilled hole and is installed by using an installation tool to pull the mandrel or pin head into the rivet body, expanding the rivet body and causing it to flare on the blind side of the joint material creating a permanent and vibration resistant fastening. Installation is typically complete in 1 second.

Huck Blind Fasteners:

Structural blind fasteners also consist of two main parts: a pin and a sleeve. Initial insertion of a structural blind fastener can vary greatly depending on the type of fastener and application. There are two ways that a structural blind fastener can secure a joint:

  • Bulbing
  • Expanding


In this type of structural blind fastener, the sleeve is compressed into a bulb shape. This causes it to mold itself tightly against the joint material. when the pin is securely tightened, the pintail breaks off forming an even surface. For bulbing types of fasteners the pinhead usually stays outside the sleeve as it deforms.


An expanding type of structural blind fastener works by expanding the sleeve over the head of the pin as the pintail is pulled, after insertion into the material. The subsequent expansion causes a larger footprint of the sleeve than the hole, securing the pinhead side of the fastener. Once the pin is secure, the pintail breaks off.

Benefits of Huck Structural Blind Fasteners

  • Used in many applications where only one side of the joint is accessible
  • Forms a blind side positive lock giving it its tensile strength
  • Shear strength is achieved through the combined resistance of both the pin and the sleeve
  • Easy installation
  • Numerous design options

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