Our fasteners are used around the world.

Across a varied range of industries, from general fabrication to sophisticated aircraft

Strong and Safe

Depend on Huck brand fasteners. They will not loosen under even extreme vibration, and are completely tamperproof. Once installed, they can only be removed with specialist tools.

General Applications

In many uses, Huck fasteners can replace welding and conventional threaded fasteners to join steel, plastic or aluminium. Quick installation saves time and durable fasteners require no maintenance.

Trucks and Trailers

We offer a wide range of high strength blind fasteners, ideal for the trucking industry. Huck brand fasteners are ideal for heavy-duty applications, restricted access and high vibration situations.

Rail and Track

Our fasteners offer tamper-proof, vandal resistant solutions for rail cars and track. Eliminating torque completely, you can confirm joint integrity with a simple visual inspection.

Heating and Air Con

Huck brand fastening systems provide quick, easy installation to reduce production times, and strong, vibration resistant systems to save weight and cost of maintenance.

Get in Touch

Our durable, easy to use fasteners can reduce installation times, save weight and improve efficiency. Get in touch today for more information on what our systems can do for you.


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